Serbian Association for


and Practice

"Nihil honestum esse potest, quod iustitia vacat."

Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Association gathers eminent national and foreign experts in theory and practise of criminal substantial and procedural law: professors, researchers, judges, public prosecutors and lawyers.


Publishing activities of the Association include traditional annual editions of Conference Papers Collections and quartal issues of scientific "Journal of Criminology and Criminal Law".


Information about current happenings organized by the Association and the most important activities of its members, announcements of events, scientific conferences and publications.S


On 11th and 12th of April 2014. an international scientific conference "Penal Policy as an Instrument of state reaction to crime" took place in Banja Luka. One of the organisers was Serbian Association for Criminal Legal Theory and Practice and the proceedings of conference papers was published.


Serbian Association for Criminal Legal Theory and Practice has given the Golden Diploma to the the department for the rule of law and human rights of OSCE mission to Serbia as a sign of appreciation for cooperation, professional work and contribution to the affirmation and international cooperation of the Association. The Diploma was given at regular annual meeting at Zlatibor to the Chief of the Department, Romana Sweiger.


A conference about new Criminal Procedure Code took place at Zlatibor. The COde will be applied from October the 1st. Only material damage from the mistakes in general selection off judges from 2009. was about 10 million dinars, concluded Nenad Vujić, the director of Judicial Academy at the opening of the Conference at Zlatibor, which is attended by almost 300 judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and professors from Serbia, BiH and Montenegro.


Presidential Board

Professor Stanko Bejatović


Full professor, Faculty of Law, Kragujevac

Janko Lazarević

Vice President

Judge, Suppreme Court of Cassation, Belgrade

Professor Miodrag Simović

Vice President

Full Professor, Faculty of Law, Banja Luka

Zoran Perović

General Secretary

Lawyer, Belgrade